so simple. so effective.

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"Realarm is a smooth looking, easy to use alarm management app for your Windows Phone."

"The app garners a 5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store, which we believe isn't far from the mark."


"Realarm is is miles ahead and its incredibly extensive customization options can surely please even the most finicky users."

"Realarm is incredibly versatile – the app gives you a basic quick alarm if you need a simple reminder while you’re on the go, but at the same time it provides in-depth customization of your alarms with some truly powerful recurrence options."

Wake up

every day with different sound.

Simply check more than one sound and sounds will alternate each time alarm rings.

Set an alarm just by two taps from your home screen.

Take a nap, or use it as a timer while cooking, it’s up to you.

Powerful recurrence options

varying from minutely up to a monthly.

Or use custom recurrence

to fit your needs perfectly.

Just tap on days you want alarm to go off.

Plan your alarms with

View all your alarms by day, date and time.

Beautiful Realarm glance

showing next alarm date and time. The brighter time is the sooner alarm goes off.

Voice commands

Just say “Hey” followed by a command from anywhere on your phone.



Can I use my own music or system sounds in Realarm?
Unfortunately, no. Windows Phone doesn’t allow developers to use user's music library or system sounds as alarm ringtone. Realarm can use only sounds that are packed together with the application and are submitted to the Store.
MSDN documentation
Despite this limitation, you can encounter two cases in which alarm app can use user’s music. 1st case is built-in app ‘Alarms’. This application is developed by Microsoft and packed as part of OS. Therefore this application has no limitations. 2nd case are applications in Store that may appear as alarm apps and are able to use user’s music. The catch is that these applications are not real alarm applications, because they do not use system alarms. You need to run these times every single time you go to bed and keep it running for the whole night. Otherwise alarm will not go off. So as conclusion – in WP, alarm app can never have both - capacity to use user’s music either reliability factor. Realarm goes second way.
Can I enable or disable vibrations?
Similar to answer above – no. Developer cannot change vibration settings for alarms.
Why Realarm doesn’t feature some kind of puzzles, patterns or any math/logic questions while alarm is ringing?
Despite you might see these features in other alarms apps, Windows Phone doesn’t support it natively. By that I mean the apps that have these features are not actually alarm apps. Try to close them and you will see that alarm will not go off. Moreover, you have to set an alarm every single day before the sleep.

Reason is very simple:

These apps don’t use system alarms. Only use of system alarms (Realarm use them) ensures that alarm will go off on time. Downside of system alarms is that they don’t provide almost any customization. There are just few values developer can set, such as title, date, time of day, recurrence and sound. The message box you see while alarm is ringing is totally under system control and is out of Realarm range.
How about shake gestures, flipping phone upside down etc.?
Referring to above answer – Realarm has no control over the alarms while alarm is ringing. Once you close Realarm, alarm relies on system only. No 3rd party application in Windows Phone can add/remove/modify alarms while being paused in background or even closed.
How can I use voice commands?
Realarm now supports 3 languages for voice commands: English, Chinese and German. You can use them also in case your phone language is set to some other language. All you need to do is to navigate to phone’s Settings -> Speech and set Speech language to any of languages supported by Realarm. Then you can check out all the available commands in Voice Commands page in Realarm.
Voice command is not recognized correctly and shows wrong time?
Just like any other voice command service on any device, each person has its own pronounciation and accent. Hence it is quite common that Cortana recognizes some words incorrectly, particularly numbers or AM PM designators. Voice services are still object of sustainable development.
After saying voice command, Cortana launches built-in app 'Alarms' instead of Realarm, how to avoid it?
This is well know issue and Realarm developer is constantly working on resolving this issue. Issue is caused by Cortana being way too agressive in recognizing alarm commands. For more information, you can check question I asked on MSDN support forums here.
Can Realarm change snooze time?
Kind of yes. In fact only build-in apps can modify snooze settings. Although in latest Windows Phone update (Denim or Developer Preview) you can change snooze time at the moment alarm is ringing.
Can I change sound volume?
No, developers have no access to change alarm volume, it’s completely under system control.
Why there is no volume fade-in?
Actually there is. Alarm always starts at lower volume and after around 10 seconds volume rises up.
Can Realarm make “snooze” button larger?
No, due to limitations mentioned above, Realarm cannot modify message box that is being showed when alarm is ringing.
Can Realarm show icon on lockscreen like built-in app does?
No, icon placed next to time clock is reserved for built-in app ‘Alarms’. On the other hand, Realarm could show icon with number (number of alarms) in bottom row on lockscreen, but this icon was considered as useless by users (discussion on Facebook and Twitter).